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#ATDNetworking Appreciates Our Team

Meet Mike, our most senior employee at the whopping age of 29! This year he turns 30 so he mentioned he’s highly motivated to set larger goals for himself... as if what he’s accomplished thus far isn’t large enough! Mike has competed and medaled in Powerlifting, studies the disciplined martial art, Jiu-Jitsu, and recreationally skateboards. He hikes, dirt bikes, snowboards, and races motorcycles in his spare time! His next big thing? Certified Skydiving! This Project Supervisor has daredevil written all over himself! At Advanced Telephone and Data we are lucky to have someone so willing and eager to learn new things despite being in the world of TeleData for the past 11 years.

Thank you, Mike, for your love of adventure and learning, as well as your heart for people. Your kindness extends to caring for your parents, building friendships, and volunteering in the community. We appreciate you being a part of our #team, your hard work, and your loyalty to #ATDNetworking!

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